Competition Rules and Resources

  1. It must be your own idea

Participants should possess the intellectual rights to their idea and the business idea must not be considered “stolen”. Scientists from public institutions, such as universities, must pay attention to ⊕ Law 347 (regarding royalty when dealing with inventions from public institutions). If your university owns the patent or the research your idea is based on, you need to explain in your plan how you will handle this situation. For instance has the university agreed to let you exploit their patent in this way, are they willing to sell you the patent, etc.

2. You do NOT need a CVR number…

… to participate in our competitions, however all prizes need to be paid to a CVR number. If you win and do not have a CVR number yet, Venture Cup will assist you with the application process.

3. Maximum lenght

Your powerpoint presentation must consist of 10 slides. The jury is not required to read more than the maximum of pages. Venture Cup has the right to disqualify presentations exceeding the maximum length. Submissions should not be more than 10MB file size, and they should clearly be stating your business idea in the file name.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • Power point slides
  • Recommended typefaces: Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Courier in font size 12; Arial 11 point, or similar.

 4. Can I participate with more than one idea?

You can submit more than one idea, however, you cannot submit the same idea in more than one area.

5. Language

The business plan should be written in English. This will make it easier to get advice and assistance from international experts, business people, and investors. If you make it to a Venture Cup competition final, you will have to pitch in English.

 6. All participants must provide…

… information on their development during and after the competition when requested by Venture Cup – e.g. submit surveys, testimonials, interviews and be part of our alumni network.

7. When chosen as a finalist…

… at least one team member must attend both June 23 and 24th in Copenhagen

8.Venture Cup decides when in doubt

In case of doubt, the Venture Cup Denmark management team makes the final decision in regards to any of the above rules.


  • Primo April: Submission link opens
  • May 09: Deadline for submitting ideas
  • May 23: Finalists are announced
  • June 23: Teams arrive in Copenhagen
  • June 24: The Grand Finals!